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How to Practice?

Posted on September 21, 2015 at 2:25 PM

As instructors always say " PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE" !! Well do you know HOW to practice? Heres some tips that might help.

1. Start by going through the piece or exersice your working on. When a mistake happen stop. Pin point exactly where the mistake was and just work on that measure or section. Then add the measure before and after that section and try it again. Do this about 5-8 times. When you are able to do it without stoping start at the begining and run the whole thing.

2. Don't allow yourself to stop for no reason. Just because you THINK you have made a mistake or that you are going to make a mistake, DON"T stop till you get to the end. Then go find the area and work just on that spot.

3. SLOW IT DOWN. This is the only way to get a piece to be clean. You can always speed it up by bumping up the metronome. If you can't play it clean slow you won't be able to play it fast.

4. Check the sticking! No matter if you are playing drum set, snare or mallets the sticking can be the problem. Check to make sure you are doing it the same everytime by writing it in. If you do it differently everytime it will just cause confusion. On snare drum......Ideally you should be able to do the sticking starting on the left and then the right but depending on your skill level you will want to stick with one sticking pattern at first, then reverse it when you fell more confortable.




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